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Brake Calipers and Components

Global Customer Base

The Twoals team has been involved in the delivery of quality automotive components for more than 20 years.

Being a European-owned company we understand very well the needs of the European and other global markets and our product quality, range and service have been designed to meet these demands.

In addition, with a strong Asian presence, we have a deep knowledge of the Asian automotive industry.  

This has resulted in Twoals developing a reputation for delivering quality and value.

Committed to Quality

Twoals is committed to delivering quality Brake Calipers every time.

From the moment the production process starts until the calipers leave the factory every stage of production is monitored.

Every product is tested before it leaves the factory thus ensuring that the calipers you receive are in the best possible condition to satisfy your customers’ needs.

For the very best in Brake Caliper quality you can rely on Twoals.

New Product Development

Twoals can develop new references for you.

This can be done from your drawings or by reverse engineering from your samples.

The time required for this depends on the availability of the components.  But development and production time combined will not exceed 90 days.

With Twoals’ development of new references you can enjoy all the benefits of being first in the market with a new reference.

Contact us now for more information.

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