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Brake Calipers and Components

Twoals offers an extensive range of quality Brake Calipers to suit the majority of vehicles in World markets.

Get your copy of the latest Twoals Brake Calipers catalogue by clicking on the link below.  File size 4.5mb

For items not listed send us the details with OE numbers or other manufacturers’ numbers and quantities and we will reply with our offer.


Many vehicle manufacturers are introducing Electric Brake Calipers (EPB) and Twoals already offers some of these new products

Electric Brake Calipers are the latest development in vehicle braking systems and Twoals is already supplying some references.

We are also working with our customers to develop new popular references.  If you have a demand for electric brake calipers please contact us by clicking on the link below and tell us what you need.  You can also download our catalogue


Twoals is delivering Quality Brake Calipers for Classic Cars.  

The demand for Brake Calipers for Classic Cars is increasing every year.  This is ue in no small part to ageing stock of calipers for rebuilding which makes the rebuilding option more and more difficult.

Instead of rebuilding these calipers customers are choosing to install Twoals’ new calipers which can give improved performance and increased reliability.

Contact us for more details of our range and also how we can cooperate to develop new references.


Comprehensive Product Range

Twoals’ Brake Caliper range covers most of the more popular applications our customers require.

If you require a new reference that is not in our range we can develop it.

In this way we ensure that we supply all our customers’ needs.

Twoals delivers an extensive range of Brake Caliper Components and Repair Kits

More and more rebuilders are sourcing their components and kits from Twoals.

With the ability to supply most of our customers’ requirements through our current range and the development of new references for them, customers find our service very cost-effective.

Please download our Kits and Components catalogue (6.8mb) and our Pistons catalogue  (2.2mb)


Mail: sales@calipers.twoals.co?subject=Enquiry from website Twoals catalogues are stored on Dropbox for a faster download. If you have any download problems please contact us. We can send by email.


Twoals offers an extensive range of quality Brake Calipers to suit many Trucks and Buses in world markets.

Twoals has introduced a range of Brake Calipers for European and Asian Trucks & Buses.

Additionally we can offer many of the parts and repair kits for these vehicles.

Our catalogue is still in work but you can download a guide to what we are offering.

Please contact us for information on other references.

Click here to download catalogue


Now Available

Twoals has developed a wide range of Brake Pad Fitting Kits & Components to meet the needs of most markets.

Click here to download catalogue